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How to pack everything for Caribbean vacations

When it comes time to pack for a Caribbean vacation, there are some very specific things that you should have with you. While you can buy just about anything that you might forget, it's best to try to pack everything ahead of time so you don't have to pay premium resort prices once you get to the Caribbean.

In addition to some of the obvious things such as a swim suit, other clothing, necessary medication and personal items, there are some very specific things that you will want to have. Here are some of the most important items that you should have when you pack for a Caribbean vacation:
Before you even begin to pack, the most important thing that you can do is to organize your documents. You want to make sure that you have your passport, your airline tickets, your boarding passes, your driving license and anything else that you might need for your itinerary during your stay in the Caribbean. When you get ready to leave, make sure that you pack these items somewhere in a secure bag preferably in your carryon luggage.

Next, you'll want to start packing the rest of the items to go in your carry on bag. When you pack for a Caribbean vacation, you should pack your toiletries and at least a single change of clothes into your carry on bag. In terms of the toiletries, you'll want to pack fairly light as most Caribbean resort destinations will have things like shampoo, towels, soap and other amenities. You'll also want to pack anything that is particularly valuable such as portable electronics, or digital camera, or a laptop computer into your carry on bag. When you pack for your Caribbean vacation, you don't want to get stuck without at least these basic items in the event that your luggage gets lost.

After you pack your carry on bag, it is time to start packing the main bag that you are going to pack for a Caribbean vacation. Your main bag, if possible, should have wheels so that it is easy to maneuver in the airport and on your way your resort destination in the Caribbean. You'll want to pack clothes that are appropriate to the climate. In the Caribbean, the climate is usually mild, but rain is not unheard of.

You'll want to have plenty of underwear as well as socks. You'll want to make sure you have two or three pairs of pants and the same number of pairs of shorts. Try to stick with cotton or linen pants and shorts because these tend to be lightweight and dry more quickly and tend to be less bulky than jeans. You'll want to make sure and pack a light jacket that is also waterproof in case you encounter any storms.

Make sure that you pack some comfortable shoes, sandals for the beach, water shoes if you intend to engage in any water sports and a pair of formal shoes in the event that you go out for a nice dinner or special event.

Once you have finished packing for a Caribbean vacation, you want to make sure that there is enough room to bring back your souvenirs. You might alternatively consider packing an empty bag to take with you to take back your souvenirs. Bringing a tote bag or a small backpack along may be a good idea as well as you can use this during day trips.
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